The Global Legal Network is an international network of more than 50 participants created in 2014 which aims to focus on the legal risks in EU law. It is a multidisciplinary network gathering academic scholars and practitioners specialised in legal, philosophical, sociological, political and economic sciences. Its scope is European as well as international, the network gathering participants from more than 15 EU Member States and several non-EU Member States such as the USA, Canada, Brazil and Albania. A challenge of the network is then to widen it to international cooperation.


The idea of creating such a network was implemented by Dr. AurĂ©lien Raccah, lecturer and researcher in EU law, who became the Main Proposer in the network. It is led by a Management Committee of 15 members leading 6 Working groups : reflective societies, environment, gender equality, EU private law, EU as a global actor and fight against terrorism. 


The action is relevant through two approaches : first, social risks may be solved by the law

All the social disasters that take place in today's world have two common points : they are caused by human actions and affect the whole world. According to the subsidiarity principle, the EU has a duty to elaborate appropriate answers to these disasters in case the Member States cannot achieve the objectives by their own. Legal risk management may become a practical approach for the EU to assess the impact of its current legislation and its potential one. This management is being regulated thanks to the impact assessments, already used to motivate EU policy decisions as well as MS policies. However, sociologists, political scientists and lawyers agree on the fact that future risks are unpredictable, the decision of launching an initiative is generally taken before the publication of the impact assessment report. Then, the legal risk management can be undertaken as a tool to improve the quality of the legislation of the European Union. 


The second core element of our study is the fact that the the law itself may create legal risks.

Since the last financial crisis, most companies have been deprived of their loans and financial institutions are seen as responsible for the emergence of such a huge crisis. Most legal fields conciliate taking risks with necessity to ensure legal relationship. Measures such as precautionary principle, agreements of risks in legal contracts and legal liability may create important risks so that ensuring a framework for legal risks tend to be the main aim of the current legal risk management. More, the increasing number of regulations of the European Union may create new risks, as well as the 28 different interpretations that may arise from these regulations. 


The objective is not to eliminate legal risk but rather to anticipate their impact on public and private entities. 


Five research coordination objectives aim to be achieved by this network :

1. To build a community on legal risks;

2. To define in a same way the concept of legal risks;

3. To use rational and effective methodologies;

4. To adopt a positive approach to precise the scope of action of the European Union;

5. To build a strong network able to coordinate specialists from different areas.

 2014-2017 Global Legal Network

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