Environmental legislation can create legal risks with often important consequences for the society. Three aims are pursued :

- Investigate the EU environmental legislation in climate change and waste prevention and the their enforcement mechanisms;

- Identify and explore the legal risks caused by ineffectively implemented norms;

- Provide for guiding principles for EU policy to anticipate and reduce the adverse consequences of legal risks on the society.


This Working group will look at the effectiveness of the EU action on climate change. EU policies and legislation on climate change and energy are studied with a view to understand how it can contribute to anticipate the risks associated to the adverse effects of the changing climate, and especially the increased risk of damage due to disasters affecting Europe. 


Concerning waste management, the Working group is aware of the challenging developments of the production of energy from muicipal solid waste. The Working group invited experts from other disciplines (economists and financial experts) to assess the commercial viability of such a product as well as investment opportunities. 


The Working group is also focusing on the legal risks that the EU environmental agenda may create with regard to the protection of fundamental rights.