The EU has become an international actor thanks to the quick evolution of its relations with third states, international organisations and institutions. 


Lisbon Treaty has introduced some innovations in terms of external action but they raise many political and institutional challenges. Indeed, the EU has established itself as a global actor in policy areas where it has exclusive competence according to art. 3 TFEU; but a large part of its influence and action can be observed in domains where a previous negotiation between the EU and the MS need to be undertaken. The domain of 'shared competence' is on a delicate balance in many areas and the EU is expected to act within and without its juridical domain in a near future.


The Working Group is aiming at identifying a common definition of legal risks in International law and studying the idea of risk in different global agendas where EU action is required, such as Ukraine, Investment law and Climate change. The second step of this study is to develop a coherent methodology to understand and assess the concept of legal risks, the actors and institutions involved in the selected areas. Both qualitative and quantitative approached will be used here to undertake the comparative analysis. 



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