EU Member States are facing more and more terrorist attacks linked to religious radicalism. However, while this issue has become a globalised one, the means to fight terrorism are still in the hands of the Member States


Member States have to conciliate the freedom of religion and the risk of such radicalisms: legal risks may come from this limitation of freedom. But on the other hand, the EU has weak competences to fight against terrorism, making its actions limited concerning the Common Foreign and Security Policy. 


Then, this Working Group has for purpose to propose a set of public policies which could pass over the limits of the European actions.

To reach this aim, the first step is the creation of an interdisciplinary and international network which is able to analyse the legal risk management relating to religious, international and terrorist questions. Then, there is a need of analysing social psychology to understand the process of indoctrination of the recruits and the legal means to prevent such recruitments. Last, a comparison will be led with North America to propose appropriate legal means at EU and international level to anticipate the risks.